Eiffel tower from the metro

This was a lucky shot. I was in a Paris metro chatting away with my friend when the wagon slipped above ground. I quickly grabbed my camera and tried to capture the view. The autofocus did its job and fortunately the Eiffel tower got into the frame, top to bottom, right before it disappeared again a fraction of a second later.

Viewpoint in Lisboa

The new world of travel restrictions has put a break on cross-continental travel for now. On the other hand, it’s been a good opportunity to organize myself and sort out albums from previous travels.

Lisbon is a hilly city, getting on top of some may require more effort than others … depending on how hot the day is. But it’ll most likely guarantee a nice view. This one was a hot and colourful day and provided for a warm and colourful view.

Köln (Cologne)

This is from my last summer’s visit to Germany. I’ve quite enjoyed my time in Cologne. It’s not a city with lots of obvious historic architectural beauty of similar european cities. But it doesn’t take anything away from it as Cologne has things up its sleeve to offer. It’s a lively city with nice people and lots of culture. At the end of the day maybe it’s these things that leave a more memorable impression.

Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom), on the left of the photo, is one of the oldest standing buildings (maybe the oldest) in the city and has been spared by the allied forces during the second world war bombings. Sadly, as the story stands the reason for that isn’t its aesthetic beauty. Its twin spires were easily recognizable and were kept as a navigational mark by the advancing allied forces. 


I came across this blog by a russian photographer who travels around the world climbing up local landmarks for unique perspectives. Needless to say it’s illegal but it does lead to some interesting shots. Here’s a link describing his latest european adventure. It’s all in russian, even if you don’t understand some photos are worth checking out. Pictures of Cologne start from photo #23. According to his blog, the Cologne Cathedral was the top place to climb in europe. Click here for the blog.

Marseille from afar

I’ve been meaning to post this photo for a while. This is a view of Marseille from the south of the city. This particular spot is where I took the photo of calanque de Sormiou. You can also see the Notre Dame de la Garde (on the hill), where I took the panoramic photo of Marseille.

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