The Field

I still have no time to go through my new material so for now I’ll keep posting older already processed photos sitting on my drive. This is from northern British Columbia. My friend and I decided to take our bikes off the highway to the side roads of the province. I snapped this when we stopped to stretch our legs. One of the many unexpected views on the side roads.

Breakfast view

This is a view from another campsite we set up in northern British Columbia, on the way out of northern Rockies. Northern Rockies is where I imagine B.C. tourism films some of its ads, you know those with gorgeous mountains. The views are simply unbelievable and roads are incredibly fun to ride. It’s one of those places where I felt like pinching myself to make sure I really am seeing what I’m seeing and not just dreaming. It’s a shame I couldn’t take many pictures, as the mountainous roads were very narrow with not much space to safely pullover for a shot. This picture was taken slightly southwest of rockies and doesn’t do justice to the beauty of that region. I’d definitely have to go back for more!!!

Breakfast View



Peace river

As planned I keep posting pictures from my trip up north. The only problem is I realized I have too  many to fit in 1 week. This is peace river, nearly 2000 km long.  I never got a good enough view of it from the top. But I still decided to post this as a reminder of a pleasant comforting tranquility provided to people passing by.

Peace River


A different Canada

This is at a gas station in Ford Liard, Northwest Territories. Not the most glamorous place up north. Just driving up to it reminded me of being in a third world country. It’s strange how a place so close to B.C. can feel like a totally different world, culturally as well as economically. In this bleak, gloomy looking town there were buffalos wondering on the streets, kids getting around the dirt roads on little bikes and quads, lifting a wave of dust behind them. Some little kid was trying to sell us drugs in the open by the gas station, inside of which Read more

Road lined with birch trees

This is somewhere west of Prince George. We turned of the highway as it was starting to get a little boring and found ourselves riding hundreds of kms on dirt through forests and open fields, seeing all the beauty that often gets lost behind the main road.