Love is Red

there is no other colour scheme
my love is red, as red as red can be

Looking at this photo I decided to google Love is Red and came across these lyrics from a song by David Poe. I’ve never heard of him/them before but thought it was appropriate for this post.
Here’s the link for the song if you’re interested or happen to be a fan: 

Bratislava, Slovakia


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Get lost in Bratislava

The title is a little deceptive as it is nearly impossible to get lost in Bratislava’s tiny city centre. But if you do get lost this isn’t a bad spot to do so!

Selecting a picture to upload is becoming more challenging as I do want to share my new stuff but there’s just too much of the old pics I’ve never gotten a chance to share. Going at a rate of 2 pics/week is just too damn slow. So I’ll try to post more often but the upcoming exams might have a different view on this matter.

Bratislava, Slovakia

No Rush

Some of my friends have traveled to Bratislava in cold weather and came back a little disappointed, advising me against spending my money to go there. I’m glad I didn’t listen. I got lucky with the weather and saw the city in an absolutely different colour. And it was quite literally very colourful in some places around the city.

As you see on the clock this was around noon and it was very hot. Hopefully I did a good job transmitting the colours and a hot environment. I don’t know how these old men sat there patiently in such heat with their jackets on and without any rush or a care in the world.


Bratislava, Slovakia