From the Top

It’s the end of the week which means this will be my last Lijiang post…..for now. Lijiang is hilly in some places giving for interesting walks and some interesting views on the way down. Lately I’ve been leaning more towards the black and white editing. Though this isn’t completely black and white here’s the link for the coloured version if you’re not feeling the darker tones ­čÖé



Lijiang Roofs at Night

I feel like staying on Lijiang for now. This China week is slowly turning into Lijiang week. Maybe that’s how I should post things from now, stay on one spot for a few days instead of constantly jumping from one country to another.

These are traditional Chinese houses, which look very nice during the day. But at night they transform into something more than just pleasant architecture.


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Street food

I’m stuck in my Lijiang folder so here’s another one from there. You can’t talk about China without mentioning the food. Chinese eat almost everything that one can digest. And the variety of food changes as you go from provence to provence. Street food in particular is a fun experience. There is always something interesting you can pick up on the corner. Chicken feet seemed to be quite popular.



Street in Lijiang

Lijiang is a place with lots of history and is mostly known for its cute, very┬áChinese┬ácity center. Its streets are probably how an average foreigner imagines old China must have looked like. Evidently it’s a place packed with tourists, both foreign and local trying get a taste of an escaping part of China.