On the other side of Brussels

This is on the other side of the canal in Brussels. Other being opposite to the city centre. In my experience it seems like lots of people who zip through the city on their european travels don’t find Brussels particularly interesting or attractive. But I couldn’t disagree more, I really like the city. Brussels is very unique, it has character and is a melting pot of many different nationalities and ethnicities. It doesn’t take long to walk around its neighbourhoods to see how different one is from the other. In a matter of days you can go from the historic city centre to the suits of european business capital to the busy streets of north african neighbourhoods right into Matonge, a lively home to a congolese community. And that still wouldn’t be the end of it.


Hergé et Palais de Justice

Hergé is the name behind the comic series “The adventures of TIntin“. His drawings pop up out of nowhere all around Brussels. But there are plenty of drawing from other comics all around the city. This is one of those random drawings on some street behind the justice palace (palais de justice).

Hergé and palais de justice