Gustaf Adolf’s square (Göteborg)

Another panorama collecting virtual dust on my hard drive. This one, just like the name suggest, is Gustaf Adolf’s square in Gothenburg. Gustaf is the man on the statue right in the middle, considered to be the city’s founding father. As always click on the pic to enlarge or download the full size.

Gustaf Adolf's square


Walk in the park


I’ve traveled to Sweden in March while it still was pretty cold. But the cold weather doesn’t stop some of its residence from going for walks in its cozy parks. I have walked pretty much all over Gothenburg and its small parks are one of the things I liked about the city. If it wasn’t for the cold weather I could see myself sitting there for an hour or two doing nothing:D I don’t remember the name of this exact park. There weren’t a lot of people in it so it wasn’t hard to spot these guys. I just clicked my camera passing by without thinking much of it. But nearly 1 year after I took it I found this pic on my hard drive and for some reason I kinda like it. Something warm about it in this cold cold weather.  (As always click the pic for better quality:)

Gothenburg, Sweden