The London Eye

I thought I’d keep it going with London since I don’t have that much more to come from it. It was the last leg of my tip and after a few nights with little sleep before London I remember being fairly tired and not too excited about taking pictures in the short time that I had. Regardless, I still had lots of fun walking around with my friend, enjoying the beautiful day. I did get a shot of the famous London Eye though.


Big Ben

I usually try to avoid shooting into the sun, particularly when it’s brightest during the day. But as much as I would have loved to have the power I don’t get to choose sun’s location in the sky. I remember thinking it looked nice with Big Ben pointing right onto it, so I figure I’d give it a shot.
I often take 3 bracketed shots if I’m going for HDR, three is the max my camera pulls. And most of the time that’s all you’ll need. But this is one of those moments when having 5 or 7 shots could have been pretty nice. Here’s what I got with 3.


London Tube part 2

Going over my london files makes me think that I really like taking pictures underground, I’ve got a bunch of the tube. I kidna like how much livelier they come out in HDR. Here are the 3 exposures:

And below is the final HDR. It’s not an overly exciting scene to begin with, but look at how it brings some realism; some colour and life into it. Pretty cool isn’t it? I find it cool 🙂