A different Canada

This is at a gas station in Ford Liard, Northwest Territories. Not the most glamorous place up north. Just driving up to it reminded me of being in a third world country. It’s strange how a place so close to B.C. can feel like a totally different world, culturally as well as economically. In this bleak, gloomy looking town there were buffalos wondering on the streets, kids getting around the dirt roads on little bikes and quads, lifting a wave of dust behind them. Some little kid was trying to sell us drugs in the open by the gas station, inside of which Read more

Riding home

This August my friend and I decided to ride our bikes up north and see where it would get us. We made it as far as Yukon and Northwest territories. Having been short on time and inadequatly equipped to fight the cold weather knocking at the door, we had to turn back at some point. The picture was taken on our way back to British Columbia from, as they call it, spectacular Northwest territories. This is my friend’s bike, I was riding the very same bike with one slight difference; my packing was an absolute mess in comparison to this.

Northwest Territories, Canada