Garonne Panorama – Daily Commute

I’m gonna do something new today and post a photo from my phone. It’s incredibly how much camera phones have improved in recent years. A bit of colour editing and you get a wonderful image like this. It’s not of great quality and won’t do for a big print but it’s still a pleasant photo. This view is part of my daily commute and after nearly two years I’m still not tired of it

Garrone Panorama.

Les Calanques de Marseille

This is the area at the very south of Marseille. A truly beautiful place, this particular one is calanque de Sormiou. Hard to believe it is just a short drive away from the city. This is where the sea meets some of the rugged mediterranean coast. I imagine the sea is filled with boats around summer time, exploring every bit of the coastline. I happen to be there around christmas, with a bit of wind and moody clouds. Probably not the most popular time to go without the sun warming the sea. But it makes no difference to me, beautiful place no matter the weather.


Painting of a Photo

Once in a while people write to me and to various versions of modifications they’ve done to my photos. It’s something I  enjoy very much. Everyone has their view on things and has their own manner of doing things. It’s interesting to see other people’s spin on my work. This recent work in particular caught my attention. I got a message from a painter (Giangix70) in Rome. He wanted to paint a photo I took in Rome around 4 years ago and of course I gladly agreed. I think it turned out quite cool. He has a lots of other great work. You can check out more of his awesome paintings on his Flickr page.


Original Post

Rome, Italy
Rome, Italy

Neoclassical Pavilion

It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve returned to my apartment in France more than a month ago and it’s only now that I finally got internet. I guess Internet providers have their own idea of what’s an acceptable waiting time.

This photo is form the Parc (Jardin) del Laberint d’Horta in the north of Barcelona in the district of Horta-Guinardó. The name of the park gives it away that this particular pavilion isn’t the major attraction, but I still find it to be interesting. Apparently the whole area belonged to one family.

Neoclassical Pavilion


Beach Days

September has barely come but the weather here in Midi-Pyrénées seems to be too eager to leave the summer sun behind. I  hope it’ll change it’s mind but for now to counter the clouds I feel like posting something from the beach.

Beach days

Camp Nou

This is from a few weeks back during FC Barcelona’s season opener against Levante UD. I don’t  support Barcelona but I am a big football fan and couldn’t pass on the chance to see one of the best teams live. It turned out to be an entertaining encounter  with 7 goals, 6 of which were in the first half. Well maybe not so entertaining for those who came to see the away team.

Camp Nou

Camp Nou2