Night streetlights of Hong Kong

I’ve realized that over the years I’ve become a little less trigger happy for several reasons. I know there are lot of photographers/bloggers whose advice is to keep pushing the shutter button. I can’t say I share the same opinion for various reasons, one of which is probably because I’m terrible at sorting hundreds of my photos afterwards. Still though, occasionally I find myself in a place, like Hong Kong, where I just keep taking photo after photo after photo.

I’ve arrived to the city fairly late and without an accommodation planned for that night and much change in my pocket I made my way to the Chungking  Mansions, where I knew I could get an ok bed for the night. It’s by far not the most glamorous place in the world. There is a book based on Chungking Mansions called Ghetto at the Center of the World, which is an indication of what kind of a place it is (though I wouldn’t quite call it a ghetto). I’ve never actually read the book, however it’s on my to read list so feel free to drop me a line about the book if you’ve read it. Anyways, these photos are random shots from my night stroll on my first night in Hong Kong.

Night streetlights of Hong Kong

Night streetlights of Hong Kong2


Another street shot, Beijing

I’ve mentioned earlier that I enjoy shooting random people and things in foreign cities. It helps connect and possibly get attention of people who would otherwise just pass by without a notice.  This cool looking man is from Beijing.

Another street shot